About Sebastian

Hello and welcome to my food and travel blog. My name is Sebastian and I’m a passionate cook and baker who also loves to take pictures of my creations.

I was born in Sweden but since a couple of years back I’m living in Malta, a small Mediterranean Island  just outside of Sicily and Italy, perfect for me who has a huge passion for Italian food. I started my first food blog around 2010, it’s called Matskafferiet and it’s still going strong with around 10 000 unique visitors every week. I started A Tasty Story in end of April 2018 as I felt the need to start writing in English as a better fit as my audience is no longer only Swedish speaking.

Food philosophy

My recipes are inspired by ingredients I like, I try to buy organic and local ingredients as much as possible, but living on a small island comes with some limitations. The good part is that I can grow a lot myself, all herbs are grown on my balcony and I also have lemons and tomatoes all year around.

I only work with metric measurements, I’m working on a conversion chart for the ones that rather use the imperial units.. You’re always welcome to drop a comment or reach out in social medias if you have any questions or just want to have a chat about food.

Work with me

Please get in touch if you would like to work with me, I often help companies with the following services,

  • Advertising on A Tasty Story
  • Recipe development
  • Food styling and photography
  • Travel writing and photography


Most pictures on A Tasty story is either taken by my Fujifilm XT20 or with my phone, currently a Samsung Galaxy S8.If I edit the photos it would be in Lightroom and Photoshop. It happens quite often that the JPEGs from Fujifilm are perfect straight of the camera and that’s also the reason why I’m opting for Fujifilms stunning cameras.


I really appreciate  that you like what I’m creating and you’re allowed to use my pictures if you link back to my site and credit me for my work. If you want to use any other content such as text then you would need to ask me about permission first and of course link back to where you took it from.